Our reagents for blood grouping

It is by manufacturing its reagents for blood grouping that IBJB builds its image and the recognition it enjoys today with its customers, public or private medical biology laboratories, and its partners. At the same time rooted in its roots and visionary, IBJB has always focused on innovations: this is what guides its approaches and decisions, its choice of rapprochement with major players in the sector.
Marked CE / IVD, all our monoclonal reagents for phenotyping ABOD, Rh, Kell meet internal quality requirements beyond the regulations in force: we have set up internal quality control processes at each stage of manufacturing and the expedition.
Our boxes of A1,B and A2,O 5% red blood cells are marked CE / IVD. For more comfort, and because of their short life span, they are proposed through a subscription, with a systematic shipment every 4 weeks.
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