Availability, skills
& Independence

With the robustness of an SME of more than 30 years, the agility of a start-up
and the know-how of multidisciplinary teams, IBJB manages
the innovation projects of A to Z.
In a permanent dynamic of cooperation, exchange and listening,
we are developing innovative reagents for immuno-hematology
and in the field of biotechnologies .
Our DNA: innovation
be at the forefront
IBJB begins collaboration with Scotland's Bioscott in Edinburgh to develop blood grouping reagents. It is the first to introduce to the French market a range of monoclonal reagents for Rhesus Kell blood grouping in plate and microplate technics.
A collaboration is taking shape with DiaMed, world leader in Immuno-Hematology (which had developed earlier a breakthrough innovation with gel filtration that few have believed and which has nevertheless become a reference), and concludes through cross-agreements resulting in an effective synergy.
To demonstrate the feasibility and reliability of large-scale screening, IBJB funds a study by the National Reference Center for Perinatal Hemobiology (CNRHP-Paris St Antoine) and the INSERM U76-INTS-PARIS unit, aimed to fetal RHD genotyping by analysis of fetal DNA circulating in maternal blood.
IBJB markets its "Free DNA Fetal Kit RhD" IVD medical device, which meets the requirements of the EC / 98/79 Directive, enabling robust, specific and sensitive tests to be performed for prenatal determination of fetal RHD genotype from maternal blood.
K-Matic®, an innovative device developed by IBJB, is realeased onto the market. It automates the Kleihauer test, releases valuable time, ensuring cleanliness, reliability and traceability.
Since 1985
Every day, our teams continue to innovate, research, test, improve, to advance a prenatal medicine accessible to all.
Open innovation
Together we go further
We design our products by you and innovate for your patients.
Our employees and our partners, our culture of innovation, are the keys to our success.
Acting as a human sized thus flexible partner, IBJB's reactive teams deploy rapid development capabilities. All employees are at our headquarters in Reims.
We regularly work with multidisciplinary scientific teams, both French and international: laboratories, R&D centers, universities, start-ups...
Our strategy
Stay tuned
Each time you contact us, promising ideas are born.
It is for you and for women that we rely on the latest technologies and medical advances, the flexibility of our company and that of our teams to stay at the forefront and intervene on issues that we are often in the best position to approach.
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